Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Public Trust check-up

How much do know you about general trust in the nonprofit sector?

In case you missed our Annual Forum speaker, Paul Light of NYU's Wagner School of Public Service, we have posted links to highlights and his remarks on our our web site. His research has shown that the level of trust in nonprofits "not risen significantly" in the years following September 11th, 2001. While nonprofits continue to be trusted more than the federal government and for-profit business, there are serious doubts about the ability of nonprofits to spend money wisely. His research and the Council's own local survey are a good opportunity to learn more.

The conversation about public trust was also covered by Dave Beal in his latest column in the Pioneer Press.

I am convinced that the nonprofit sector can turn these numbers around. There are a myriad of low cost ways to demonstrate that your organization is trustworthy.

For example, Does your website prominently post an annual report, accomplishments or outcomes, 990s, audits, or other public disclosure documents?

[Organization Self-Promotion Warning] How about an Accountability Wizard Review to publicly demonstrate a committment to accountability?

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