Wednesday, April 2, 2008


The toolbox is open for business. Check it out for a range of resources that can help you to run an accountable, effective, and happy nonprofit. I am convinced that the free resources available to nonprofits are woefully under-used. Organizations who have completed Accountability Wizard Reviews will find material that can help them meet the Charities Review Council's Accountability Standards. We have also added to templates for Wizard participants on our "Useful Documents page."

Even if you have not participated in a review, you may find something in any of these links that will help you serve your donors and meet your mission for years to come. The journey of a thousand donations starts with one good disclosure!

Special thanks to super volunteer Richard Sletten and last summers brilliant team of graduate students from the University of Minnesota's Humphrey Institute: Jocey Hale, Amy Arcand, Kari Anderson, Kim Klose, Brenda Diethelm-Okita and their professors including Melissa Stone and the many other faculty who helped with this work.

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