Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The New Standards (A semi-official informal announcement)

Have you heard a rumor about new Accountability Standards? Maybe you read an article on April 14th about them by MinnPost's new star nonprfofit reporter Scott Russel. It's all true.

We are in the very beginning of a process to update our standards. Please stay tuned for invitations to surveys about our current standards, to internet discussion groups, and to meetings to discuss the standards. Currently our program committee is developing a set of draft standards to be presented for a public discussion by January 2009. The earliest the new standards will be in use would be late May or June 2009. Prior to the full implementation of the new standards we will be working to phase in currently reviewed organizations and to redesign the Wizard. The redesign will not only enable the usage of new standards, it will also offer new features and improve the existing program. Your input will be crucial to the new Accountability Standards. We will keep you updated about opportunities to participate. It is important to us that the update goes smoothly and we will be communicating more regularly. We plan to conduct the update so that it does not disrupt new reviews and renewal reviews starting late this year.

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