Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Announcing The New Preliminary Accountability Standards

For the last twelve years, the current Accountability Standards of the Charities Review Council have helped strengthen the nonprofit sector and to mobilize informed donors. But a lot has changed economically, demographically, legally, and socially during this period of time and the time had come to update and revise the standards to reflect this.

Over the past year, the Council’s Program Committee has led a process that brought together donors, institutional funders, academics, nonprofit leaders and community representatives to craft a fair set of standards that are sensitive to a wide variety of constituents and will further strengthen an already vital and indispensable nonprofit sector. A preliminary set of the new Accountability Standards were just unveiled today at the Council’s Annual Forum, and we are now embarking on a four-month public input phase where we’ll be heading out across Minnesota and up to Fargo, North Dakota hosting town hall forums to get more feedback before finalizing the new standards this fall.

In addition to these town hall forums, we are going to be blogging too. Starting next week, every two to three days we’ll be highlighting one standard at a time in a new blog post and inviting people to comment and give us their thoughts. We’ll be starting with the standards in the Public Disclosure section first and then moving onto the Governance, Financial Activity and Fundraising sections after that.

Please keep coming back to the Accountability Wizard Blog regularly and we appreciate your comments. Thanks in advance.

Next Up: Legal Compliance

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